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Flexible Solutions

For Any Situation

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We are a team of mortgage professionals geared to provide you with the best mortgage solution possible for your unique borrowing needs

Reasons for Borrowing

  • Credit Card Debt

  • Property Tax Arrears

  • Mortgage Delinquencies

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    Collections & Judgments

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    Consumer Proposal

We can help Boost your Credit Rating

The OZ Capital process is simple, honest and customizable to your financial needs.

We'll work with you to find a solution that fits your financial life and immediately start boosting your credit rating.

  • ◼ Helped over 1,000 families.

  • ◼ Secured over $600 million in mortgage and loans.

  • OZ Capital can help you unlock the financial potential in your home.

  • Conversation & Financial Review

    An honest conversation to assess how we can help.

  • Financial Strategy & Mortgage Planning

    A customized plan to start improving your credit rating.

  • Execution & Implementation

    Our team of mortgage professionals will construct a plan just for you.

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    Funding & Financial Improvement

    Improved cash flow, reduced monthly expenses and increased credit rating.