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At OZ Capital, we offer two different avenues of investment. Our mortgage fund, backed by a portfolio of hand-picked mortgages, provides investors with the opportunity to earn a targeted rate of return with monthly distributions without taking on the associated risks. Our private mortgage product allows investors to purchase individual mortgages, giving them more direct control over their investment decisions.


We understand that every investor has different needs and goals, so we ensure that our services are tailored to each client's unique requirements.

How Mortgage Investment Works

OZ Capital was designed from the ground up to make investing in mortgages easy and stress-free. Through our mortgage fund or direct mortgage investing, you can invest in mortgages without the headache of payment administration or collection.

How it Works

1. Direct Mortgage Investing: Our team will work with you to determine your investment goals and objectives.

2. We will carefully select the best deals presented to us from brokers all over Ontario


3. We provide you with an analysis of each investment and its associated risks.


4. A detailed explanation of our underwriting process will be provided.


5. Once a deal is closed, we’ll manage all aspects of the loan throughout its life cycle, ensuring payments are made on time and in full so that you can maximize your returns while minimizing your risk.

From the moment you decide to invest, we’ll be with you every step of the way. That's the OZ Capital difference.

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How does OZ Capital Mitigate Underwriting Risk?

Mortgage underwriting is an essential part of the risk management process and includes the following:


• All mortgage requests are originated by licensed mortgage professionals Licensed in Ontario

• Detailed review of a mortgage application and credit bureau(s) 

• Appraisal reports provided by OZ Capital’s approved appraisers

• On-site home inspections, when required

• Title insurance policy is mandatory on every deal

• Customizing mortgage solutions by either partially or fully withholding interest payments for the term of the contract   

• Obtaining income verification including bank statements, tax returns, etc.

• Mortgage contracts are usually 12 months or less

What Types of Real Estate does OZ Capital Lend on?
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Single-Family Residential Dwellings
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Row Townhouses, both Strata and Fee Simple
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Condominium Units
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Cottages and Secondary Properties
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Simple Mixed-Use Dwelling
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Multi-Unit Residential Properties
What are Mortgage Administrative Services?

At OZ Capital Investors, we offer a wide range of administrative services to assist you in managing your mortgage investments. Our team will take care of the paperwork and other tasks associated with the loan, such as:

  • Collecting mortgage payments from borrowers

  • Sending payments to the lender on the mortgages being administered  

  • Enforcing payment using available mortgage remedies, such as the power of sale process

  • Mortgage investment portfolio reporting

  • Collection of NSF fees and other charges

We’ll also provide you with regular updates on the status of your investments so that you can make informed decisions without worrying about all the details. OZ Funding Corporation is a licensed mortgage administrator in Ontario and is currently managing $100+ million dollars spread over nearly 300 mortgages.


Interested in leaning more about our Investor Services?

Belco Private Capital Inc. has been retained as the registered Exempt Market Dealer. For investment opportunities, please contact Vadym Gorda, registered dealing representative with Belco Private Capital via email:

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