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Alternative Investing.

Take advantage of our 9% target yield when you invest with OZ Capital MIC.

Get access to innovative and exclusive mortgage investing opportunities that are traditionally reserved for institutional players.

Who We Are

At OZ Capital MIC, we're not just offering an investment opportunity – we're pioneering a new era of residential mortgage investing. Our fund provides a curated selection of high-quality mortgage assets, meticulously selected to deliver stable returns in the evolving Canadian real estate market.

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Everything we do is aimed at:

Empowering Investors

Choose from a wide range of investment options (TFSA, RESP, RRIF & more)

Democratizing Wealth Creation

We provide the opportunity for all Canadians to generate wealth and improve their financial position

Unlocking Financial Stability

Add a steady income to your portfolio and minimize financial unpredictability

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Accessible, Innovative, High-Yield Investment Solutions

With our Assets Under Management (AUM) now exceeding $110 million, OZ Capital MIC is proud to play a crucial role in shaping the financial futures of Canadians.


We believe that everyone deserves a chance to achieve their homeownership dreams and build wealth through strategic investments.

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Unlocking Financial Freedom: Using Your TFSA to Grow Your Wealth

If you're a resident of Canada, the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) could be an option for achieving financial success.

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