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Oleg Shiller on results-driven financial solutions


Even before co-founding OZ Capital, Oleg Shiller always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

And after decades in the mortgage and broker space, Oleg has continued to think outside the box when providing financial solutions to clients.

“When I see our investors, brokers and borrowers end up in a better financial position as a result of working with us, it’s an amazing feeling,” he says. “It’s why we exist.”

Oleg has identified that innovation, creativity and flexibility are the keys to success in the private lending sector, especially amidst so much financial market uncertainty.

“Ontario is a high-demand market due to the influx of immigrants, and because of this, big financial decisions on things like mortgages often need to be made fairly quickly,” Oleg says.

By centering OZ Capital’s business model around improvements and adding value for clients, Oleg helps to ensure that these decisions lead to peace of mind.

“Everything we do is aimed at minimizing the unpredictability of your financial future.”

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