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Zvika Shluper on reading the tea leaves and relationship-building

Zvika Shluper believes we have reached a pivotal moment in the Canadian economy, where uncertainty and instability is precipitating a change in the next generation of potential real estate investors.

One key aspect of that change: seeking out more alternative lending methods.

“Whether it’s getting married later or desiring more shared space, younger generations are deciding that they want to live their lives differently,” Zvika says, “and maintain their personal and financial freedom in the process.”

With decades of experience in the financial planning and mortgage sectors, Zvika has thoroughly analyzed the real estate market and seen these trends play out in real time.

“It’s been one of the core foundations of the Canadian economy: the ability for people to create wealth through real estate,” Zvika says. “This gives us a window into market performance, and we’re seeing more and more that investors are electing to look outside traditional lending methods.”

That’s why Zvika has focused on developing deep relationships within the investor and broker communities as a co-founder of OZ Capital.

“The reason we thrive is we love helping borrowers who were in situations where traditional lenders could not see a path to help them,” Zvika says.

“Creating a win-win-win situation for everyone is the goal.”

For more on how Zvika and OZ Capital can help put you on the road to financial freedom, subscribe or book a call with us.

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